Imagine being a starting pitcher against the Yankees. Now imagine seeing that Aaron Judge is leading off.First-year Yankees manager Aaron Boone is letting his imagination run, and that’s exactly what he sees: Judge as a table-setter.”I wouldn’t nece sarily say it’s likely, but something like that I would consider,” Boone told reporters Tuesday, per “I’ve thought about it.”FANTASY OF RANKINGS: Judge, Stanton listed back to backBoone doubtle s is thinking “instant offense.” Judge had a 1.182 OPS (.439 OBP, .742 SLG) and 11 home runs in 114 plate appearances leading off an inning last season. In fact, his 9.6 home run percentage leading offwas almost two points better than his 7.7 overall homerpercentage. His walk rate was 5.5 points lower (13. 2 to 18.7), but it’s safe to a sume pitchers challenged Judge more at the start of an inning.More challenges should equal more long-ball opportunities.And if Judge gets on base with a hit or a walk rather than a homer, then the likes of Giancarlo Stanton, Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird will be waiting to drive him in.”They haven’t brought it up yet, but if they did, I’d just roll with it,” Judge told reporters.Judge hit mostly second or third last season. A jump up to the 1-spot wouldn’t be that big a leap. The stats say it should work, too.